4 tips to play Menya Dragon Ramen
Learn these tips and whip up some delicious Ramen!


You can challenge Dungeon up by forming a party of up to 5 Employees.
Battles proceed automatically, so formation is key!
Discover your best party formation and collect rare ingredients.

Sometimes, employee's skills activate in battle.
There are a large variety of skills,
so choose your best party to break through Dungeon.

Ramen Cooking

Use the ingredients collected from Dungeons
to create Ramen with useful effects.
By cooking Ramen with the strongest effects, or most fitting to customer needs,
you can aim to expand your profits to the fullest!


You won't be able to take down monsters in the Dungeon,
without the help of your marvelous Employees.
Let's train and assemble an excellent team, and make great Ramen!

Menya's Drawing CardRan Raylin

Ramen is the source of our energy!
It makes us happy!

Spear MasterJaku Rong

For adventure, just leave it to me!
I'll find precious ingredients.


With Succession, you can use two Employees to create one new Employee.
The new Employee will have bonuses to some stats.
Through continuous Succession, you can obtain truly unique Employees.
Succession will cost some DEAP coin, but you retain all Employees.
Succession can only be done with NFT Employees, not those earned in-game.