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In this page we will explain how to start a scholarship for the blockchain-linked game “Menya Dragon Ramen".

What is Scholarship?

Scholarship is a rental and lease contract function for Employee NFT (hereafter NFT).
In Scholarship at Menya Dragon Ramen, NFT owners(hereafter Owner) can lend out their NFT, and other player not owning NFT (hereafter Scholar) can borrow them to play the game and earn a portion of the rewards.


In Menya Dragon Ramen, the cost of purchasing NFT is the initial cost of playing the game, but if you try to obtain stronger NFT to progress the game efficiently, you will have to pay a higher price.

Therefore, the Scholarship is a rental and borrowing system among users for NFTs necessary for gameplay, which benefits both the Owner and the Scholar.

Scholarship is receiving attention as a social contribution scheme, especially in Southeast Asia, and some people are starting to play NFT games to support their families and earn money for tuition without having to pay the initial costs.

*Please read the notes carefully before using Scholarship.

Advantages of Scholarship

Owner renting out their NFTs to Scholar have the following advantages

Advantages of Owner

  1. 1.Receive a portion of the DEP earned by the Scholar
  2. 2.By renting out NFTs even when busy, the Scholar earns money
  3. 3.Make effective use of unused NFT

Advantages of Scholar

  1. 1.Borrow stronger NFT to use in game
  2. 2.Conquer more difficult quests and stages
  3. 3.Gain higher rewards

Contract Flow

Follow these simple steps to contract Scholarship!

  1. 1. Consult the contents of the contract

    Using communication tools such as Discord or SNS, the person who wants to lend NFTs and the person who wants to borrow NFTs should contact each other in advance to decide which NFTs will be lent and which will be borrowed, and in what proportion the rewards will be distributed.

  2. 2. Owner applies for a contract

    1. ① Owner should access the following URL and select “Owner’s Page".

    2. ② Click on “Create a contract".

    3. ③ Enter the PMID of the Scholar you want to contract and click “Next".

    4. ④ Select "Menya Dragon Ramen" in the game title selection, and from "Select an NFT to lend", please select the NFT you would like to lend to the Scholar.

    5. You can select the NFTs you wish to lend out by checking the checkboxes.

    6. ⑤ Set the reward distribution ratio and click “OK".
      *The distribution entry will determine the share of reward between the owner and scalar, so please enter the ratio of reward distribution that you have discussed and decided upon in advance. 契約の流れ06

    7. ⑥ Check the contract contents and click "OK" if all is well.

    8. ⑦ Application is finished. Please notify Scholar that your contract application is finished.

  3. 3. Scholar confirms contract and agrees to it.

    1. ① Scholar should access the following URL and select “Scholar’s Page".
      https://scholarship.playmining.com/main/main_page 契約の流れ09

    2. ② Click on “Sign a contract".

    3. ③ Enter the PMID of the Owner you want to contract and click “Next".

    4. ④ The application content from the Owner will be displayed.
      Check the checkboxes and click “OK”.

    5. ⑤ The contract is concluded and the NFT is loaned to Scholar.


      *If the agreement is not conducted within 72 hours of the Owner's application, the application will be rejected automatically.
      *It may takes some time to rent NFT.

  4. 4. Earning and distributing of rewards through game play

    All DEP earned by the Scholar during the term of the NFT rental will be sent to the Owner.
    The distribution to the Scholar and how to send money should be discussed with the Scholar.

    ・From the Owner's PlayMining Wallet, the money was transferred to Scholar's PlayMining Wallet.
    ・From the Owner's PlayMining Wallet to the Owner's external Wallet (ex. MetaMask) after that send it to the Scholar's Wallet.

    ▼Let’s find Scholar or Owner at Discord!

Termination Flow

If you want to terminate Scholarship contract, follow these steps!
*Note that the same steps apply when a Scholar applies.

  1. ① Click on “Cancel a contract" at Owner’s page.

  2. ② Select the contract you wish to terminate and click “Confirm".

  3. ③ Confirm the details of the termination application and click “OK" if all is well.

  4. ④ Application is finished.



  • *Owner's NFTs on loan will be locked after 2. “Owner applies for a contract " described above and cannot be used/sold in the game by the Owner until the termination of Scholarship contract or the application is rejected.

  • *The loaned NFT can only be used at “Menya Dragon Ramen".

  • *Owner can contract with multiple Scholars, but Scholar can contract with only one Owner at a time.

  • *Please note that users must take responsibility for their interactions on various SNS, including Discord.

  • *We will not be involved in, and will not provide any compensation for, and will not be liable for, any interactions between users on various SNS.

  • *Please note that there are fixed fees for transfers between PlayMining Wallets and withdrawals to external Wallets.

  • *We will not be involved in, and will not provide any compensation for, and will not be liable for, the distribution of rewards with Scholar. Please note that we would not respond to any inquiries about the distribution of rewards.