Q.What kind of game is Menya Dragon Ramen?

Menya Dragon Ramen is a Play to Earn blockchain-linked game.
You can cook Ramen in this game, and in turn receive DEAPcoin.
Let's get a lot of DEAPcoin by obtaining powerful NFTs,.
getting rare ingredients, and discovering new Ramen recipes.

Q.Is it free to play?

The game itself is free to play.
However, in order to purchase NFT, which grants a variety of in-game benefits,.
a transaction using the crypto asset DEAPcoin will be required.
Note that any communication, connection, or other such fees shall also be borne by the customer.
There are three ways to obtain DEAPcoin:
1. By playing this game.
2. By purchasing it from an exchange.
3. By purchasing it from a store with a credit card.

Q.Is the game age-restricted?

The game itself is not age-restricted.
However, crypto asset exchanges may independently set age restrictions on crypto asset transactions.

Q.What are the game's system requirements?

System Requirements:
[iOS] iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 11 or later.
[Android] Android 5.0 or newer
Recommended Browsers: Chrome, Safari
Connection Speed: at least 10Mbps (both iOS and Android require a minimum 2GB of memory)
*We do not guarantee the functionality of the above browsers and devices.
May not function correctly due to factors such as network connection, browser version, device specifications, .
and/or usage of the app.

Q.What language does this game support?

This game supports Japanese and English.

Q.Where can I check the update information?

You can check the latest information via Official Twitter(https://twitter.com/dragonramen_en) account and
Official Discord channel(https://discord.com/invite/xWeHGdt).

Q.What is Play to Earn(P2E)?

It means that you can get Cryptocurrency as a reward by playing the game.
In the game, you will obtain items that can be converted into DEAPcoin, a kind of crypto asset.
DEAPcoin can also be converted into other crypto assets and legal tender (such as US dollars) via an exchange,
so you will find more opportunities to make money the more you play.

Q.What is NFT Game(Blockchain Linked Game)?

It is a game that uses blockchain, which is a technology used to manage transaction data for crypto assets and NFT.

Q.What is Cryptocurrency?

Mainly secured by blockchain technology, it is an electronic property that can be exchanged on the Internet.

Q.What is PlayMining?

It is a platform for creating a new economy and culture based on the principle of "play to earn",
through the use of games and other entertainment mediums.
It is centered around PlayMining NFT, where NFT transactions are conducted using the crypto asset DEAPcoin.

Q.What is DEAPcheck?

It is an item that can be obtained in the game.
It can be exchanged for DEAPcoin if you have a Wallet linked to a PlayMining ID.

Q.What is DEAPcoin?

It is a crypto asset used in PlayMining NFT for NFT transactions.
There are three ways to obtain DEAPcoin:
1. By playing this game.
2. By purchasing it from an exchange.
3. By purchasing it from a store with a credit card.

Q.What is Employee?

He or She is your partner in dark dungeons and culinary endeavors!
Employee includes NFT Employee and Non-NFT Employee.

Q.What rarities are there?

There are five rarities of Employees: UR, SSR, SR, R, and N.
UR Employees are the most valuable and have the most powerful ability.
SSR Employees are second only to UR Employees in power.
SR Employees are third only to UR and SSR Employees in power.
R Employees are more powerful than N ones but less powerful than SR Employees.
N Employees are the standard and the most common one.

Q.What is Digital Art(NFT)?

Beautiful pieces of unique digital artwork designed by creators all over the world,
including by some of the most talented artists from Japan.
Only a limited number of each piece of Digital Art(NFT) is issued.
These are managed using the power of Blockchain.
Digital Art(NFT) may be purchased in PlayMining NFT (https://daa.playmining.com/).

Q.What does PlayMining NFT mean?

It is where NFT transactions using the crypto asset DEAPcoin take place.

Q.How many Employees can I put in my Party?

Party contains at least one Employee and at most five Employees.

Q.Can I use NFT from other games?

Currently, NFT from other games are not available in this game.

Q.What is an Attribute?

It indicates elements of each Employee.
There are five types of Attributes, and each one has an effective and ineffective Attribute.
There are also skills that target those Attributes.

Q.What is a Tribe?

It indicates species of each Employee.
There are three Tribes: Human, Beast, and Mystic.
There are also skills that target those Tribes.

Q.How do I get Employees?

NFT Employees can purchase at PlayMining NFT.
For Non-NFT Employees, they can get at in-game system.

Q.What is a PlayMining ID?

It is an ID required to use services provided by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.
Currently, it is used for PlayMining NFT (https://daa.playmining.com/) and Menya Dragon Ramen and other games.

Q.Can the NFT of Menya Dragon Ramen be used in other games?

Currently, NFT of this game is not available to other games.